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Gunwerks G7 BR2 Review – The Extreme Distance Rangefinder


WARNING! If you are into long-distance shooting the G7 BR2 rangefinder will get you super excited. Well, even if you aren’t, it’s still exciting due to all of its technological capabilities. In fact, when learning about it, I often wondered if it was too good to be true.

Researching the BR2 rangefinder it was clear to me that the innovators at Gunwerks are dedicated to helping you be the best long-distance shooter possible.

I am sure that some of you are already super excited about this as much as I am. You can find it on Amazon right now by clicking here.

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Here’s a quick summary.


Photo by Gunwerks.

The G7 BR2 boasts a 2,500-yard maximum range with 7x magnification.

You can literally use it in just about any geographical location from totally flat to extreme mountainous regions.

Its computer compensates for inclination, wind, angle, barometric pressure, temperature and altitude.

You can program up to five of your cartridge and firearm profiles. Let me repeat that part. Unlike most rangefinders that come with preprogrammed profiles that you must match your rifle and your ammunition to, Gunwerks has found a way to individualize this rangefinder to your exact specifications.

You can choose to view your readouts in BDC, MOA, Mrad, or inch readouts.

The maximum ballistic calculation range is 1400 yards. The total measurement range is 10 to 2500 yards.

It has a one button solution. You push the fire button and it gives you a calculation for drop and wind.  This allows you to focus on watching the animal or target.

How Is The G7 BR2 Rangefinder Different From The Rest?


Image from Gunwerks. Bottom view.

Most rangefinders on the market today use pre-programmed ballistic groups that might or might not fit you rifle and bullet. All of this has changed with the G7 BR2 Rangefinder. The experts at Gunwerks have created a remarkable laser rangefinder that lets you program the exact trajectory flight of your bullet. If you are new to long-range shooting Gunwerks provides awesome training to get you up to speed. There are also links below to their video instructions.

And to top it off, it also takes into consideration weather and environmental conditions as well as changes in angle shooting upward or downward.

How Easy Is This Rangefinder To Use?


Image from Gunwerks.

You certainly want to read the manual and test it before you go out on your big hunt. Trying to figure out right before leaving is definitely not the way to go.

That being said another great thing about Gunwerks is that judging from their website and all the video tutorials they offer, it is clear that they care that you know exactly how to use this rangefinder.

After watching their videos, embedded below, you will see that with some practice it is pretty easy to use.

What Kind of Information Does The G7 BR2 Give Me?

In the range-only mode, it gives the line-of-sight distance to the target, incline, temperature, barometric pressure, and approximate altitude. All of these factors will help you get a better shot while long-range shooting.

These factors are particularly important to calculate hold over. When you first get your G7 rangefinder you will need to program it to your specific rifle and ammunition. It allows you to save five different profiles in case you have more than one rifle or you are sharing this rangefinder with another member in your family.

To program it to your specific needs, you will need to enter the drag standard, ballistic coefficient (BC), muzzle velocity (VC), site height, turret temperature, turret altitude and zero range.

Once you do this you can also choose if you want to see the information in inches, Mrad, BDC or MOA. It will also tell you the hold off for wind.

What Are The Four Targeting Modes?

Since this really is a rangefinder for extreme conditions Gunwerks wants to make sure you are prepared for all kinds of visibility and field conditions.

  • Basic is just like it sounds like a standard shot.
  • Scan is useful for moving targets.
  • Nearest allows you to pinpoint small targets without inadvertently focusing on background targets that have easier signal strength.
  • Farthest allows the rangefinder to ignore obstructions such as brush or fog so only background targets are acquired.

Do I get Good Value From The G7 BR2?

For a very expensive piece of equipment, this is a very logical question.

Could you buy a rangefinder for less? Yes. Will it have the same functionality? No.

The G7 is the only rangefinder currently on the market that allows you to create a profile for your specific rifle and ammunition. If you are a long distance shooter this will matter to you. If you are more likely to only shoot at 300 yards or less, you might want to consider a less expensive rangefinder that doesn’t require as much functionality.

(However, if you have the money to burn and think it’s just a cool piece of equipment to show off to your hunting friends that’s a good reason too!)

Another factor to consider is that this rangefinder is basically 4 pieces of equipment rolled into one. It is definitely priced less than a hand held computer with a ballistics program, an instrument to measure barometric pressure and temperature, an inclinometer stating the incline angle, and a rangefinder. Plus it also accounts for the wind in increments of 5 mph.

This rangefinder is so sophisticated that once you add your individual profile, the rangefinder assesses the angle, the temperature, and the barometric pressure and calculates the MOA to dial accordingly on your scope. The Ballistic solution is available to 1400 yards.

And it can give you output in several modes: MOA, Mrad, inches, and BCD with wind corrections.

In other words, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

What Complaints Do Some People Have About It?

A few reviewers say that it is consistent to range distances out to 1500-1800 yards. At ranges 2200 to 2300 yards they had to hold it very steady or brace against a rock. In all fairness, it can go on a tripod which most likely would solve this problem.

For such an expensive piece of equipment, some reviewers think the warranty should be better. I tend to agree with this complaint. Such an expensive piece of equipment should come with a better warranty.  Those of us that love technical gadgets tend to upgrade when it comes time, so I think Gunwerks would only gain even more loyalty by improving the warranty. I’m just thinking of the fact that I have upgraded to almost every iPhone once it came out. Just because, not because it was really necessary.

It is temperature sensor range only goes as low as 0º F. Hunting season in many states can go well below that in temperature. This is an upgrade however as their previous model was only rated to 32º F so maybe their next model will do better. Its storage temperature is -20 to 158º.

What Is The Difference Between This One And The Older One?

  • The new version features a different diode that provides a smaller beam divergence (1.5 x 3 Mrad)
  • It has improved long range algorithms for better target discrimination
  • It now outputs in Mrad.
  • The temperature range increased from 32º to 122º F to 0 to 122º F.

What Kind Of Battery Does It Use?

This rangefinder uses a 3-volt lithium battery that is commonly called a CR123A or a CR123.

With intensive battery life, it will last about 4 to five hours. The average battery life is 8 to hours. To conserve power if no buttons are pressed after 8 seconds, it will enter sleep mode and then power off automatically after 45 seconds of inactivity.

These batteries are easy to find on Amazon and from many retailers. They run about $19.00 for 12 batteries.

What Is It’s Operating Temperature?

It’s operating temperature is 0 to 122º F. This is an improvement from the earlier model which was 32 to 122º F. Personally I’ve been whitetail deer hunting at temperatures below 0º so I am not sure how well this rangefinder will function at colder temperatures. The storage temperature does go as low as -20º F and as high as 158º.

Is The G7 BR2 Waterproof?

It is made with a weatherproof GORE-TEX membrane that is water resistant for rain and snow. It would not survive submersion.

Is it tripod adaptable?


What Is The Warranty On the G7 BR2?

Gunwerks provides a two-year warranty from date of purchase on defects in material or workmanship. This warranty doesn’t cover issues resulting from abuse, negligence, or unauthorized repairs.

Personally for such a high-end of equipment, I’d like to see a bit longer warranty. However, two years seems to be the industry standard for rangefinders at this time. See my point of view in my section on what complaints people have about it.

What Kind Of Instructions Does Gunwerks Provide For the G7 BR2?

Compared to other companies it is evident that Gunwerks wants you to understand exactly how to use this rangefinder. It comes with instructions and you can also access these video instructions published by Gunwerks.

Taking A Range


Programming a Ballistic Profile


Changing the Targeting Mode


Assessing the Wind Hold Calculation

Is It Made In The USA?

Yes. Here is a great video they produced called Made in America, The Gunwerks Story.

And what’s even better about Gunwerks is that they emphasis on their website that they spend their time hunting and long-range shooting so they know exactly what is needed. Given that they are located in Wyoming they have lots of opportunity to shot and hunt outdoors.

Will I Have To Pay For Shipping?

Nope. Shipping is included with this purchase from Amazon.

What Are Its Specs?

You can’t go wrong with these specs. Click here if you want to check it out on Amazon.

G7 BR2 Rangefinder Specifications

Measurement Range10 to 2500 yards+- 1 yd
Max Ballistic Calculation Range1400 yards+- 1 yd
Tilt Sensor Range+- 90º+- within +- 60º
Temperature Sensor Range0 to 122º F+- 2º F
Pressure Sensor Range4 to 36 inHg+- 0.5 inHg

G7 BR2 Rangefinder Specifications

Optical (monocular)7 x 26 mm
Eye Relief20 mm
Field of View330 ft @ 1000 yds
Dimensions (l x w x h)5.2 x 4.5 x 2.1 in
Environmental ProtectionIP55
Operating Temperature0 to 122º F
Storage Temperature-20 to 158º F
Battery Life (Continuous Use)8 hours
Laser TypeClass 1, 905nm
Beam Divergence1.5 x 3 mrad
Ballistic Output Unitsinches, MOA, MRAD, BDC
Measurement/Ballistic Solution Timeless than or equal to 4 sec
TruPulse Targeting ModesBasic, Near, Far, Scan

Bottom Line

The G7 Rangefinder is the most advanced rangefinder in the industry. If you want to specialize in long range shooting, it is an indispensable tool. Most long range shooters are also into extreme hunting conditions like mountain range shooting. Factors like terrain, lighting change, extreme heat or cold, and wind used to require hunters to bring several pieces of equipment along with them or guess holdovers. The G7 BR2 changes everything. Bottom line this rangefinder offers a tremendous advantage. Check it out on Amazon.

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