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The Burris Eliminator III Series Has It All: Aim, Range and Automatically Calculate Ballistics 


Long-range shooting can be an obsession due to the amount of skill required to be really proficient. Complex calculations adjusting for windage and hold-over make it one of the more complicated shooting situations that shooters and hunters alike might find themselves in. But hey, that’s part of the attraction, right? Testing our skills to the limit and seeing how far we can shoot with dead on accuracy. If this is fun for you, keep reading to learn about an awesome long distance scope from Burris Optics. Burris wants to help you reach the maximum limits of your shooting skills as easily as possible. And most definitely they did with the Eliminator III series. You won’t have to glance down at a drop chart with this scope and it will definitely help you extend your range to the maximum skill. Here are your three options from the series. Click on any one to go right to Amazon to check them out.

4 – 16x50mm
Model #200116
4 – 16x50mm
Model #200119
3x-12x – 44mm
Long range shooting is becoming one of the fastest growing segments of our industry and it is easy to see why. It pushes the limits, makes us practice a bit more, and makes shooting even more exciting when we are successful. To keep up with demand manufacturers are releasing specialized rifles, optics, and ammunition as fast as they can. There is so much on the market it can be a bit daunting to figure out which product to choose. I hope that my Burris Eliminator 3 review will answer all of your questions. You can keep reading to learn more about the Burris Eliminator III series or skip to the section in the table of contents that interests you the most.

Burris Eliminator III Overview

These are the most enhanced rifle scopes in the world. Their sleek and lightweight design make them the most suitable and advanced rifle accessories you can ever wish to have. You can easily become a professional shooter without undertaking any shooting training by simply acquiring these high-end scopes. They have an amazing 1,200 yard level of accuracy. If you can afford them, your simple, ordinary gun can be transformed into a sharp-shooting device. There are three models available: the 3x-12x-44mm and 4x-16x50mm (has 2 versions).

Magnification3-12x4-16x (200116 fixed switch)
4-16x (200119 remote cable)
ReticlesX96 ReticleX96 Reticle
Objective Lens Diameter61 mm65 mm
Clear Objective Lens Diameter44 mm50 mm
Ocular Lens Diameter42 mm42 mm
Laser RangeNon-Reflective 750 yards - Reflective 1200+ yardsNon-Reflective 750 yards - Reflective 1200+ yards
Operating Temperature-15º-+122ºF-15º-+122ºF
Focal PlaneRFPRFP
Field of View33 - 9 (ft. @ 100 yards)26 - 7 (ft. @ 100 yards)
Eye Relief3.5 - 4 inches3.5 - 4 inches
Exit Pupil16 - 4.2 mm12.5 - 3.1 mm
Click Value1/8 MOA1/8 MOA
Elevation Adjustment, Total Capacity50 MOA40 MOA
Windage Adjustment50 MOA40 MOA
Parallax/FocusObjective PAObjective PA
Adjustable Parallax50 yards - infinity50 yards - infinity
Length13.5 inches15.5 inches
Weight28.8 oz. Including mount and battery30.4 oz. (20016 fixed switch)
30.4 oz. (200119 remote cable)
Illumination ControlPush ButtonPush Button
Illumination Settings5 Brightness Settings5 Brightness Settings
Mounting Rail Length6.9 inches8.5 inches

Does the Burris Eliminator III Series Have a Built in Rangefinder?

Short answer, yes! The Burris Eliminator III Series features a built-in rangefinder that allows you to take an accurate aim on the target. You don’t need to carry any additional gadgets to improve your sharp-shooting skills. You can also range your target in meters or yards.

Does the Burris Eliminator Scope Account for Hold-Over and Uphill and Downhill Shots?

In addition, this Burris scope has the rare ability to calculate the perfect holdover depending on your exact distance and your gun’s particular ballistics. Included with your Burris scope is a comprehensive cartridge list that includes a drop number and a ballistic coefficient for a wide variety of cartridges. With this scope, you can pre-program it with your specific ammunition information and the next time you take aim it will automatically calculate bullet drop for you. Setting up the specifics for your particular ballistics is very easy. All you have to do is enter the drop number, BC, and your site in distance. From there the eliminator takes over and does all the hard work by calculating the aiming point for you. In less than a second, the Burris Eliminator will give you a bright red dot indicating exactly where you should aim. Burris x96-reticle Burris x96-reticle Burris x96-reticle Burris x96-reticle This is an enormous advantage in long range shooting. You won’t have to worry about your prey slinking away if you have to make these calculations the old fashioned way. Plus you won’t have to worry about difficult uphill and downhill shots as it also features a built-in inclinometer.

How Do I Mount the Burris Eliminator?

One strong point of the Burris Eliminator Series is their low mounting with their own bases. You will be glad to know that no rings will be needed to mount them onto your gun. These scopes need Weaver bases or These scopes need Weaver bases or Picatinny rails. The rest of the mounting system is provided with your scope. Burris recommends using one of their Burris Xtreme Tactical Bases. Click here to read their user manual with instructions for mounting.

How Simple is it to Calculate Range?

This scope includes a rangefinder which also means that you can leave one piece of equipment at home. To calculate range all you have to do is aim with the crosshair and press one button. Your range will quickly appear on your vertical crosshair.

Does the Burris Eliminator Series Account for Windage?

Yes, and no, and this might be a major downside for you. Complete windage compensation is not fully automated with this scope. The digital display will show a value for an estimated 10 MPH value for your cartridge which you can use as a guideline for selecting how many dots to hold into the wind. The windage adjustment is 50 MOA.

How Good Are the Optics?

The decision by the manufacturers to fit them with high-quality optical glass also works toward enhancing their precision. This enables them to perform exceptionally well even under low light conditions. The Burris riflescopes have an internal spring tension system that enables them to hold zero regardless of the shocks and vibrations that may occur during the actual shooting. The riflescope ensures accuracy at all times through the steel-on-steel adjustments technology. You can always fall back on the guarantee provided by the Burris Forever Warranty. The riflescope ensures accuracy at all times through the steel-on-steel adjustments technology.

What Warranty Does the Burris Eliminator III Series Have?

These scopes might be expensive, but their warranty could make them worth the price. They come with a “Forever Warranty”. Their website stresses that even if your package still says that they have a limited warranty this is not true. Burris has upgraded all of their scopes to “Unconditional Forever Warranty.” It includes no charge, no questions asked, they don’t care whose fault it is, if you lost the card or the receipt it doesn’t matter, and they transfer this to future owners. You really can’t get better than that! It includes no charge, no questions asked, they don’t care whose fault it is, if you lost the card or the receipt it doesn’t matter, and they transfer this to future owners. You really can’t get better than that!

Are Burris Optics Made in the United States?

No, they are made in the Philippines. Packaging, final testing, final inspection and service are in Colorado.

Is the Burris Eliminator III Series Expensive?

You can definitely buy less expense scopes for long distance shooting, but their quality will not be up to par with the Burris Eliminator III Series. These devices are quite dear: they cost well over $1,000. If you have financial constraints, it would be a good idea to try cheaper alternatives. However, you will have to contend with lower levels of accuracy for the inferior devices. Accuracy is paramount if you are serious about hunting. There is no point in going out there only to come back with nothing to show for your time and money. Make no mistake with your gun by setting aside some funds to purchase these high-end scopes. The satisfaction and contentment that comes with the ability to use all your bullets well can never match any price slapped on these devices. You don’t want to miss your game because of poor equipment choice.

What Options Do the Burris Eliminator III Come In?

There are two options under these series:

Eliminator III LaserScope 4 – 16x50mm (Model 200116 – fixed switch)

  • Weighing 26 ounces, it is made from the finest quality materials. It has been subjected to through reliability and quality tests and it bears a lifetime warranty.
  • It is only 13 inches long. Its field of view ranges from 9 to 25 feet at 100 yards and comes with a x-96 reticle.
  • It ranges to reflective targets out to 1,200 plus yards and 750 plus yards with non-reflective targets.

For those armed with this scope, there is no more fumbling or guesswork as you set your eye firmly on the prize. It accurately measures the horizontal distance to the prey as it programs your cartridge ballistics. You can never make a mistake with its bright-red aiming dot that shows you the path your bullet is going to take. All you have to do is to hold your weapons steady and fire. Windage Adjustment is 40 MOA and the elevation adjustment has a total capability of 40 MOA. This scope also adjusts for parallax. With five brightness settings you will be able to see through your scope at just about any light setting from dawn to dusk. In addition to the ballistic programming book, there is a website app to help you get the precise numbers you need. NEW in 2016 you can get it with a Remote Cable Switch to turn on the On/Range button from any position that you find yourself in. If you are interested in this make sure hat you are purchasing Model #200119. If you like even more automation click here to go to Amazon to get Model #200119 with the Remote Cable Switch. You should note that programming only works with centerfire rifles only.

Burris Eliminator III Reticle Laser Scope 3x-12x – 44mm

It is made of quality materials and is covered under a lifetime warranty. Its x96 reticle assures more accuracy in aiming. This scope also features an enhanced extreme range ballistic programming with a parallax adjustment of ranging from 50 yards to infinity. What is more, it has been tested for accuracy and reliability. The enormous ranging capability of over 1,200 yards is worth writing home about. With this scope in your hands, you no longer have to worry about the issue of the wind hold off. The windage adjustment is 50 MOA. Burris states that 50 MOA is roughly 25 MOA in any direction from center. The bright-red aiming dot ensures that you face no challenges even at night or under low light conditions. It is a more-than-necessary accessory for a game hunter.

Most Common Questions asked questions regarding the Burris Eliminator III Series? 

These questions apply to both the 3-12x44mm and the 4-16×50 mm.

Do hunters like them?

Hunters like these riflescopes for a number of reasons. First, they are both fairly lightweight. The 4-16×50 mm weighs only 30.4 ounces. And the 3-12×44 mm weighs 28.8 ounces. Both of these weights include the weight of the mount and the battery. Neither of these are going to weight you much down and can be easily carried with the rest of your hunting gear.   Secondly, it is easy to mount them to your gun as no rings are required. These scopes also work perfectly even in low light conditions or at night due to the five brightness settings.

Do they come with preprogrammed ballistics?

Yes.  These riflescopes do feature programmed ballistics. You have to feed the ballistics of your cartridges into the calculator attached to the device. The calculations on the screen should not necessarily daunt you. The optics on this device leave out the difficult mathematics so that you can focus on your prey without tinkering or wasting time. They both have preprogrammed ballistics for over 1,500 factory ammunition loads.

Can you program your gun’s ballistics?

You can actually program your gun’s ballistics when using this product. All you have to do is feed the ballistic coefficient of your bullet into the system and the rest will be done by the device. If you don’t know where to find such information, you may consult Burris or check the many online ballistic calculators that exist today. Alternatively, you can consult your preferred dealer. They both come with a programming book and a website app to help you account for elevation, atmospheric condition, and your cartridge choice.

Do they calculate holdover?

They both are able to accurately calculate holdover depending on the distance separating you from the prey. This enhances accuracy and increases your chances of going back home with game.

Can I Get Them Outside of the United States?

No. It is important to know that you will not be allowed to ship them outside the United States. If you have friends overseas, or plan to travel to another continent, you will have to leave these rifle scopes behind and do without them for quite a bit.

Do they adjust for parallax?

Yes. Both have parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity.

What kind of battery do they use?

Both of these scopes use a rather common CR123A battery that last through 5,000 range cycles. 1 set of batteries is included.

To Sum It Up: Are They Worth It?

In my opinion, if you want a high-quality scope that makes your life significantly easier and increases your chance of a great shot, then you will like the Burris Eliminator III Series. Both versions accommodate more than 1500 different ammunition loads. They are both accurate for up to 1200 yards and some long-distance shooters have reported their accuracy to be even a bit better than that. All of the calculations are done for you. You won’t waste time fiddling around in the woods or at the range. This is because they do everything for you. Simply hold the cross hairs squarely on the target and press a button on the side. A bright-red dot will appear almost instantly on the target and you can adjust your position accordingly to find the best hit. The device will range, aim and all you have to do is to pull the trigger. Moreover, you can switch the calibrations between yards and meters. The lifetime warranty can’t be beat. And if you want to give it to your kid or sell it the warranty transfers. Considering their lifetime warranty, I would say they are worth the steep prices. Most of the average rifle scopes don’t feature the high-end specs present on these two devices. Such capabilities as pre-programmed ballistics, wind correction, and long-range sighting increase the accuracy of your shots. When used correctly and with some practice, these two devices will help you never miss a target. In a nutshell, the high prices are worth all the trouble for avid hunters.

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