Leupold Vendetta 2 Rangefinder Review – Maximize Your Bowhunting Success

The outstanding motto of the Vendetta 2 Rangefinder  is “Minimize Movement and Maximize Success”. Knowing your range with shot angles and elevation already calculated for you can mean the difference between gutting a deer, elk or caribou and going home with an empty tag when bow hunting. Wouldn’t you like to bring home that big boy featured above?

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Archery hunters know very well that noise will kill their hunt. It still amazes me after years of hunting whitetail deer in Illinois how completely silent deer can be and how well they can get wind of you and take off.

Too much noise, which often enough is barely anything, sends a giant signal out to every deer in the woods that danger is lurking. And yet squirrels playing in the woods sound like a herd of elephants coming in. I learned a long time ago if it’s loud it’s probably not a deer!

This is why archers aim to be as silent as possible. And this is also why Leopold has made it their goal to revolutionize the way we bow hunt. At full draw, you can get an instant and precise digital readout of your target range with no excess movement.

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What Is the Basic Overview Of the Vendetta 2 Rangefinder?

The NEW Leupold® Vendetta™ bow-mounted rangefinder will give you nearly instant digital readouts of your angle compensated range to target. All you need to do is push the trigger pad. The maximum range is the same for reflective targets, deer, and trees. It ranges out to 75 yards with a minimum range of 10 yards.

It only weighs 11-ounces and is very small in size measuring 2.8-inches long by 2.3-inches wide by 1.2-inches high.

It can be mounted to either a compound bow or a crossbow.

Another really cool feature of this rangefinder is SCAN mode. After you hold the trigger pad for three seconds and then release it, it starts to scan as your target moves. It will continually adjust distance, angles, and elevation on its own and requires you to do nothing else.

One of the biggest complaints of the first model was its installation method. Leupold changed the new model to use a non-removable x/y adjustment system to make it easier to align it with your site. As this product is so new we will have to wait to see what archers say about this change.

Another big improvement is the owner’s manual. The instructions are much easier to understand than that of the original Vendetta archery range finder.

This product is backed by the Leopold Gold Ring Electronics Warranty which means that it is protected from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Frankly, I think this is where further improvement can be made for such an expensive piece of equipment.

What Are The Vendetta 2 Rangefinder’s Features?

One-Touch Continuous Scan – This is a great new feature that was not included on the older model. It gives you a continuous measurement of a moving target.  This is such a practical improvement because we all know that our game often does not sit still!

Laser Dot Alignment – This function helps you laser align your rangefinder for dead on accuracy.

Bow or Cross Bow Mount – The ability to mount to either a compound bow or a crossbow is a new feature.

LED Display – This allows you to easily read the rangefinder’s displayed data.

True Ballistics Range® (TBR) – The function tells you the corrected range for angle and elevation.

The installation allows for either right or left handed bows.

What Are The Specs On The Vendetta 2?

Vendetta 2 Bow Mounted Rangefinder

Max Range (Reflective)75.00 yards
Max Range (Deer)75.00 yards
Min Range10.00 yards
Twilight Factor0.00
Weight11.00 oz
Weight311.0 g
Length2.80 in
Width2.3 in
Height1.2 in
Angle CompensationYes
One-Touch Scan ModeYes
Battery Life>3000 Actuations
CR2 Battery
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Right or Left-Hand MountYes

How Is The Vendetta 2 Upgraded From the Earlier Model?

If there was one complaint that was the loudest about the first mounted Vendetta rangefinder for bowhunting, it was the mounting system and how it attached to the bow. The ball and socket joint was difficult to install and took two people to complete the task.

They have upgraded to a new positive/negative (x/y) adjustment system making aligning your laser rangefinder to your site is much easier. It is mounted using screws.

If were me I would still pay to have it professionally mounted to save myself the time and hassle. If it’s not done correctly it could really screw up your hunt.

There is a new SCAN mode allowing you to get a constant update as your target moves without any movement of your anchor point. All you have to do is press HOLD for 2 seconds, and release the button before drawing back for a 40-second auto SCAN mode.

There is a 1-inch crossbow mount in the package.

How Do I Install The Vendetta 2 And Align It With My Site?

Installation of the Vendetta rangefinder has been simplified dramatically due to customer feedback to Leupold on how hard it was to install the first module. Isn’t it great that they listened to customer feedback? Big score for Leopold!

One great benefit of the mounting system is that it can be mounted on either side of your compound bow’s riser for right or left handed archers.

Essentially you attach the mounting plate to your bow’s riser or directly to your sight and then your quiver can be attached to the mounting plate just like it would be attached to the sight. It is kept in place with screws.

Once your rangefinder is securely mounted it is important to align it with your sight. This is done by taking two measurements. These are the horizontal and vertical offset between the rangefinder’s visible alignment laser and the center of the top pin of your site. The goal is to align the laser with your top sight pin so that your top pin becomes the mark to range targets.

The rangefinder is mounted on the crossbow scope main tube that can accommodate the Vendetta 2’s ring mount.

Click here to link their manual for precise instructions with photos to mount and align your rangefinder.

Don’t go another hunting season without this great bow hunting rangefinder. It could mean the difference between a filled tag and going home empty-handed. Click here to check it out on Amazon!

How Do I Activate Angle Compensation?

With built in True Ballistic Range® angle compensation is always activated.

Does it automatically adjust for windage?

No, it does not.  I have found a few sites online selling it saying that it does, but that is incorrect. I called the manufacturer directly and asked to make sure!

We, of course, want to have all kinds of gadgets to make our hunting easier, but sometimes it is just good old fashion luck!

What Kind Of Battery Does It Use?

A CR2 battery which is easy to find and inexpensive. It lasts for roughly 3000 actuations.

What About The Warranty?

Leupold offers a great warranty on all of its optics called the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. If it doesn’t work, they will repair or replace it for free. You don’t even have to be the original owner, have your warranty card, or a copy of your receipt.

What About Shipping?

The links in this review will take you to Amazon. This product includes free shipping.

What Else Should I Be Aware Of?

Check your local laws to see if this product is legal for you to use while hunting. It is not legal in all states in all states for hunting. It is legal for target shooting.

You will not be able to qualify for the Pope and Young (P&Y) record books as this is an electronic device that is not allowed per the rules of fair chase.

Why Should I Buy It?

Let’s face it bow hunting is hard for many reasons. Not only do you rely on if a deer comes into range, there are so many factors that can affect your shot. You want every advantage possible to tag that deer and the Vendetta 2 rangefinder gives you the advantage that you need.

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