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Redfield Revolution Rifle Scopes Review: Reliable, Rugged, & Made in America


If you’re looking for quality scopes at an affordable price, then Redfield Revolution Scopes are the way to go.

Now part of the Leupold & Stevens, Inc. family, the Redfield name goes back over 100 years and lives on with the quality it was always renowned for.

In fact, the Leupold owners have rededicated the brand to John Redfield’s original vision of ‘no-nonsense optics for everyone’.

This translates into a range of no-frills Redfield scopes that are rugged, reliable and built to do their job for many seasons to come.

Please read on for a thorough Redfield scopes review.

All that, and at a price that makes them accessible to hunters of all levels and budgets. What’s not to like?

Great reviews across the board about Redfield Optics back this story up so let’s dig into the Redfield Revolution model range and find out just how good they are.

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Where are these scopes made?

These scopes are made in Beaverton, Oregon USA near the original home of John C. Redfield.

The Leupold & Stevens, Inc. firm employs over 650 people at their state of the art facility where they design, manufacture and assemble quality optics.

Unlike the Revolution scopes, there are some products under the Redfield brand made elsewhere in the world. These scopes, however, are manufactured from start to finish in the USA.

What are they best used for?

This range of scopes has a model to suit most purposes.

We will go into this in a bit more detail in this Redfield Revolution review when looking at the individual models below, but here is a quick rundown of what we think they will be best suited to:

Revolution 2 7×33 mm

This scope is recommended for hunting in broken country and over meadows. Great for use in woodlots, dark timber areas and thickets.

Revolution 3-9x40mm

Best all-rounder with a good combination of both high-end and low-end magnification. At home in most types of terrain.

Revolution 3-9x50mm

This scope is for those who like hunting at dawn or dusk, with the maximum amount of light gathering capabilities.

Revolution 4 12×40 mm

Ideal for wide-open spaces where long-range shots are likely. The huge magnification means you have a scope to tackle anything from whitetail to woodchucks.

If you are excited to see them now on Amazon click here. Their product offerings for these scopes are amazing!

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What can you mount them to?

There is a complete range of rings and bases available from Leupold to secure your scope to most types of rifle.

Other mounts can also be used that work with a 1″ main tube diameter.

Mounting space along the main tube is between 4.8″ and 5.6″ depending on the model. Check out the specific scope section below for more details.

What is the warranty on them?

All Revolution scopes come with their ‘No Excuses’ full lifetime warranty. The manufacturer offers to put right any problem with your purchase for as long as the original owner has the product.

That means if a scope is found to have any issue with the materials or workmanship, Redfield will either repair or replace the product. Free of charge too, so make sure you keep your purchase receipt in a safe place!

What is the difference between the Accu-Range reticle, the 4-plex, and the TAC reticle?

All the models in the range come with either the Redfield Accu Range or 4 Plex reticles. One model, the 3-9x40mm, also comes with the TAC reticle.

Each model is purchased with the reticle you prefer so you have to choose upfront which type you want.

But what is the difference between them you may ask?

The Redfield Accu Range Reticle

The most popular reticle is without a doubt the Accu-Range, and with good reason. One of the first with bullet drop compensation, the original Accu-Range reticle was a pioneer. It paved the way for the modern-day reticles we all take for granted these days.

The new Accu-Range has a bold center over the crosshair to draw the eye naturally for shots at close quarters.

This is coupled with precise aiming points that work with many, if not most, popular hunting loads. The manufacturer recommends that for standard cartridges, sight in with the center crosshair for shots up to 200 yards.

The other hold points will then keep you accurate up to 500 yards. The intersection of the bottom of the circle and the vertical crosshair gives you the 300-yard aim point. The dot underneath that is your 400-yard hold point and the bottom post a 500-yard aiming point.

For faster rifles shooting lighter bullets, you sight into the center at 300 yards. The hold points then provide markers for 400, 500 and 600 yards respectively.

This might sound complicated but in practice, once you get used to it then it is quick, simple and accurate. This method for transitioning between targets at different ranges just works really well.

Check out the Redfield website for full information on which groups the various cartridges and bullets fall into. Here is a link to the owner’s manual with charts and instructions.

What is 4 plex?

For those that prefer a completely clutter free view through their scope, the 4-Plex provides just that.

Heavy posts seem to jump from the background and guide the eye naturally to the center of the image very quickly.

Thin crosshairs then allow you to place your shot with precision.

The  Redfield Revolution TAC TAC-MOA Reticle

This reticle is combined with tactical style taller windage and elevation adjusters.

The horizontal and vertical crosshairs of the reticle have markings of two minutes of angle (usually referred to as MOA) increments.

Together with the tactical style adjusters, this provides for flexible and precise elevation and wind adjustments. Even when shooting at long range.

What is the clarity of each of these reticles?

The different reticles all have their positives and it will depend a lot on personal preference which one you go for.

What can be said about them all though is that the picture through the scope is incredibly clear, no matter which reticle type you choose.

This is due in no small way to the high-quality lenses the Revolution scopes are made with. Branded their Illuminator Lens System, the image they provide is superb.

Cutting edge manufacturing processes deliver great light transmission in low-light conditions. These involve vapor deposition, dielectric coatings and premium lenses. All help to aid performance at dusk or dawn when game is most active.

Any complaints about them?

With over 95% of reviews being positive you can guess that there are not that many problems reported.

The only complaints are mainly to do with either the elevation and windage adjusters or the mounting space on the scope.

The complaints about the adjusters are that some people find that they don’t have a very positive click when moving. As usual with online reviews, others found them to be just fine with some commenting you just need to feel for the clicks when turning them.

The shortness of the scope was quoted as being the main reason some users had problems with the mounting space available. Many others pointed out in reply that there was usually something you could do to get them to fit using third party mounts.

A handful of reviewers noted that the scopes do not come with end caps. However, there are caps readily available that fit from both Leupold and other suppliers.

Check out my best hunting scopes review for economy, mid priced and high-end scopes if you are still unsure of what scope is right for you.

Why do people like them?

The overriding view of most buyers is that of value for money. These really are quality scopes at a price most hunters can afford.

Many also quote the outstanding clarity of the optics and build quality as big plus points as well.

Several reviewers note that the 33mm and 40mm scopes are slim enough to sit low down when mounted which is the ideal position.

Their ruggedness is also mentioned across the range and they have proven to be durable and reliable in the field over many years’ use.

Eye relief on all models is at least 4.2″ which is above average and provides ample relief even for heavy recoil rifles. This also allows for very quick target acquisition which is important.

Many reviewers like the focus and zoom mechanisms which are smooth in operation and easy to grip and twist.

The scopes are also considerably lighter than other models which some buyers felt was a big selling point.

Finally, most reviewers comment on how easy it is to zero in the scope and that it retains this well through prolonged usage.

If you are looking for a higher end scope, then check out the NightForce ATACR 5-25x 56 mm.

What are the main features of the Revolution scopes?

All scopes in this range have the same basic range of features as follows.

The main tubes are 1″ diameter and the scopes are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum for light weight with great strength.

Illuminator Lens System

As described above, the Redfield ILS provides a clear image for a clean shot.

100% Waterproof and Fog Proof

The main tubes are purged with nitrogen and are completely waterproof. This means they will never fog up and function perfectly in all weathers.

Reliable and Rugged

All scope designs go through a number of tests to ensure they are tough, shockproof and always ready for the hunt.

Rapid Target Acquisition

The generous eye relief and the Revolution’s RTA lockable eyepiece make quick work of acquiring the target.

Accu-Trac Adjustment

1/4-MO finger click adjustments allow for quick and easy windage or elevation zeroing in.

All the scopes come with just the scope itself and a user manual in the box to keep costs down.

Redfield Revolution certainly embodies what you want in a great quality scope. If you want to know what I think are the features you should look for in a high quality scope then check out my best hunting scopes review.

Individual Model Specifications

Now that we have covered the main points about the Redfield Revolution scopes, it’s time to check out the individual specs and review each model.

Redfield Revolution 2-7x33mm

  • Actual Magnification Low 2.5x  –  High 6.5x
  • Field of View https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070718093532AAFiCiw
  • ft @ 100 yd – Low 43.2 ft – High 17.3 ft
  • m @ 100 m – Low 14.4 m – High 5.8 m
  • Optimum Eye Relief – Low 4.2″ – High 3.7″ (Low 107 mm – High 94 mm)
  • Objective Clear Aperture – 1.3″(33 mm)
  • Exit Pupil – Low 13.2 mm – High 5.1 mm
  • Weight – 11.1 oz (315 g)
  • Elevation Adjustment Range – MOA 65
  • Windage Adjustment Range – MOA 65
  • Mounting Space – 5.2″ (13.2cm)
  • Overall Length – 11.0″ (27.94cm)

Our Thoughts

This lower powered scope is ideal for hunting at distances of 100 yards or less. The exceptional field of view is great for hunting in thickets, dark timber or woodlots.

The 2x magnification is just right for when you need to get up close and personal with your target. At the other end, the 7x power is fine for longer range shots.

The 33mm objective lens although on the small side, pulls in plenty of light. Coupled with a large exit pupil the scope provides a crisp, bright image in most situations.

That 33mm lens does, however, allow you to mount the scope in the best position, which is nice and low.

Quite short and very light, the Revolution 2-7x33mm scope has a mounting space of only 5.2″ which is worth keeping in mind.

The eye relief on this model is above average and so is suitable for most types of rifles, even those with a large recoil. If you set this up right you should reduce the risk of getting a bruised eye when the gun kicks back.

We recommend looking for Redfield scopes for sale on Amazon.

If you are ready to check out the Redfield Revolution 2 7×33 click here to learn more about it on Amazon. You will quickly learn that this scope is a great value for the price.

Redfield 3 3-9x40mm

  • Actual Magnification Low 3.3x  –  High 8.5x
  • Field of View
  • ft @ 100 yd – Low 32.9 ft – High 13.1 ft
  • m @ 100 m – Low 11.0 m – High 4.4 m
  • Optimum Eye Relief – Low 4.2″ – High 3.7″ (Low 107 mm – High 94 mm)
  • Objective Clear Aperture – 1.6″(40 mm)
  • Exit Pupil – Low 12.1 mm – High 4.7 mm
  • Weight – 12.6 oz (357 g)
  • Elevation Adjustment Range – MOA 56
  • Windage Adjustment Range – MOA 56
  • Mounting Space – 5.6″ (14.2 cm)
  • Overall Length – 12.3″ (31.24 cm)
  • Comes in both 4 plex and Accu-range

Our Thoughts

The model is the best all-rounder on most types of terrain at up to 200 yards, so could well become your go-to scope in no time at all.

The extra power of the 9x magnification matched with the 40mm objective lens makes this a really versatile scope. One that can handle low light situations as well as more expensive and larger models.

We found one review that commented on how they used this 30 minutes after sundown and was still able to pick out a target invisible to the naked eye.

The low end 3x magnification is good enough for those closer range shots whilst the high end 9x will cover most long range shots. Over 200 yards may be a bit of a challenge, though.

Exit pupil size is very good, even at high power, which is a factor in the great low light performance.

This scope is longer than the smaller model and so has an increased mounting space. The 40mm lens still allows for it to be mounted low down in the optimal position.

The field of view is also above average even at the higher power. Eye relief is once again above average so is suitable for heavy recoil weapons

All in all, you will have to look long and hard to find a better scope at the price.

The Revolution 3-9x40mm is available on Amazon. Check out your newest scope and chose from Accu-Range or 4-Plex.

If you want a recommended comparison you might be interested in Trijicon AccuPoint 3-9×40 or the Leupold VX-2 3-9×40.

3x9x50 scope

  • Actual Magnification Low 3.3x  –  High 8.4x
  • Field of View
  • ft @ 100 yd – Low 33.0 ft – High 13.1 ft
  • m @ 100 m – Low 11.0 m – High 4.4 m
  • Optimum Eye Relief – Low 4.2″ – High 3.7″ (Low 107 mm – High 94 mm)
  • Objective Clear Aperture – 2.0″(50 mm)
  • Exit Pupil – Low 15.2 mm – High 5.6 mm
  • Weight – 14.5 oz (357 g)
  • Elevation Adjustment Range – MOA 56
  • Windage Adjustment Range – MOA 56
  • Mounting Space – 4.8″ (12.2cm)
  • Overall Length – 12.4″ (31.49 cm)

Our Thoughts

The large 50mm objective lens makes this the scope to use if hunting at the extremes of the daylight hours.

Best for use up to a range of 200 yards this scope is just as versatile as the 40mm lens version.

Maximum brightness of the image lets you target deer and other game at dawn or dusk. It also helps when the weather turns the daylight into gloom.

The larger lens gives this scope a slightly better field of view over its 40mm sibling, and the exit pupil is much larger. This all helps boost that low light performance.

Although just about the same overall length as the 40mm version, the mounting space is much shorter at just 4.8″. You will need to factor that in when purchasing this scope for your weapon.

The 50mm lens also means a higher mounting position but that’s fairly common for this type of scope. The above average eye relief also helps when acquiring the target with a higher mounted scope.

The bigger lens adds to the weight making this the heaviest of all the Redfield Revolution range. Although still lightweight in comparison to competing models.

You can go directly to Amazon to check it out by clicking here. The Revolution 3-9x50mm is an excellent larger lens scope for the money.

Redfield Revolution 4 12×40 mm

  • Actual Magnification Low 4.5x  –  High 11.4x
  • Field of View
  • ft @ 100 yd – Low 19.9 ft – High 9.4 ft
  • m @ 100 m – Low 6.6 m – High 3.1 m
  • Optimum Eye Relief – Low 4.9″ – High 3.7″ (Low 124 mm – High 94 mm)
  • Objective Clear Aperture – 1.6″(40 mm)
  • Exit Pupil – Low 8.9 mm – High 3.5 mm
  • Weight – 13.1 oz (371 g)
  • Elevation Adjustment Range – MOA 50
  • Windage Adjustment Range – MOA 50
  • Mounting Space – 5.6″ (14.2cm)
  • Overall Length – 12.3″ (31.24 cm)
  • Choose it in 4 plex or Accu-range!

Our Thoughts

The high power of this scope makes it ideal for wide-open spaces and distances over 200 yards, whether hunting pronghorn or woodchucks!

Great for hunting in clearcuts, cutovers, and bean fields or anywhere that a long-distance shot will be required.

Field of view and exit pupil are naturally the smallest in the Revolution scope family. Even so, the quality optics do their best to still deliver a bright, clear image.

The eye relief on this model is also one of the best around, particularly at the low end of magnification.

With the smaller lens, we are back to being able to mount in a lower position. The mounting space is also more generous on this model.

Lightweight for a 12x scope, the Revolution 4-12x40mm is great value if you need a scope for long range hunting.

If you just can’t wait to see it on Amazon you can click here to find it immediately.

Click here to go directly to Amazon for the 4-Plex version.

Or check out the Accu-Range version here.

3 9×40 mm TAC-MOA Reticle

  • Actual Magnification Low 3.3x  –  High 8.5x
  • Field of View
  • ft @ 100 yd – Low 32.9 ft – High 13.1 ft
  • m @ 100 m – Low 11.0 m – High 4.4 m
  • Optimum Eye Relief – Low 4.2″ – High 3.7″ (Low 107 mm – High 94 mm)
  • Objective Clear Aperture – 1.6″(40 mm)
  • Exit Pupil – Low 12.1 mm – High 4.7 mm
  • Weight – 12.6 oz (357 g)
  • Elevation Adjustment Range – MOA 56
  • Windage Adjustment Range – MOA 56
  • Mounting Space – 5.6″ (14.2cm)
  • Overall Length – 12.3″ (31.24 cm)

Our Thoughts

Similar in many ways to the regular 3-9x40mm scope, this scope differs mainly by the reticle and adjustment turrets.

The TAC in the listing stands for Tactical and provides for taller, tactical style turrets. These work together with a special reticle to make it easy to perform quick elevation and wind adjustments in the field.

If the tactical style is your thing, then you will find it hard to get a better performing scope at a similar price.

The Revolution 3-9x40mm TAC-MOA Reticle is a valuable addition to your hunting gear. Click here to see it on Amazon!

Conclusion – Redfield Revolution Provides Great Value for the Price!

That wraps it up for this review of the Redfield Revolution range of rifle scopes.

Our aim is to make sure you have all the information you need to be able to select the model which is going to be the best fit for your rifle and hunting style.

Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions on topics in this review you would like us to expand on.

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