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A BDC reticle is a type of crosshair or aiming point used on firearms scopes. The letters “BDC” stand for Bullet Drop Compensation. A BDC reticle is designed to help the shooter estimate range and bullet drop at various distances. There are many different styles of BDC reticles, but they all essentially work in the same way. The reticle will have markings or reference points that correspond to specific ranges. By aligning the target with the appropriate mark on the reticle, the shooter can compensate for bullet drop and make a more accurate shot. BDC reticles can be very helpful for shooters who are trying to engage targets at long range. By using the marks on the reticle, the shooter can quickly estimate range and make a more accurate shot. However, it is important to remember that BDC reticles are only approximate guides. The marks on the reticle will not…

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