Tips on Choosing the Right Rifle Scope for Hunting at Night

Tips on Choosing the Right Rifle Scope for Hunting at Night

Hunting is one of the activities that you enjoy doing. This just makes you feel powerful. At the same time, you learn that there is always something new that you will learn after each hunting trip. This can be fun to do when you are in a group. You will get to understand each other better. You will learn the different signs to communicate with the rest of the group. You will also become familiar with the different items that you need to go hunting successfully.

How Will a Night Vision Scope Work?

If you think that a night vision scope is going to be more complicated, you are mistaken. A night vision scope will work just like a regular scope. The only difference is that they will give you the ability to see at night. Nighttime can be a challenge because there is limited light available. You can rely on the moon but what if it’s a cloudy night?

You can look for a night vision scope that will work with the use of thermal energy. It can change the course of your night hunting. Some night vision scopes will make use of both technologies. These items will be more expensive but will be worth it.

Picking the Right Night Vision Monocular

When you hear the term “monocular” what you will usually think about is something that can be attached to rifle scopes. This is usually compact and lightweight. This is needed because you can rest your eyes in between hunting. You can just switch from left to right.

These are some tips to pick the right night vision monocular:

  • Choose something that comes with more than a 5-year warranty. This will allow you to return the product if it fails before the 5-year period. It will make the money that you will spend on the monocular worth it.
  • Check the quality of the monocular. The better the items that are used to make the monocular, the higher the chances that it will last for a long time.
  • Make sure that it is compatible with the rifle scope that you would place it on.

Just imagine if you would be purchasing a monocular and it won’t work. You can return it but the hassle and stress that you will experience cannot be denied.

The Right Night Vision Rifle Scope

You should realize that looking for the right night vision scope can be complicated. There are so many available choices. The chance that you will get something that you do not like is very likely.

There are some features that you can consider so that you can pick the right night vision scope. Some of these include the following:

  • Magnification – You want to use a night vision rifle scope that will allow you to see the animals that you are trying to target from a distance. The better the magnification, the clearer that you will see your target even when you are far away.
  • Weight – You do not want to get anything that is too heavy especially if you are going to move far. The more portable the item is, the better.
  • Length – Remember that the length of the scope will also affect how well you can use it. It would depend on your preference how long you would like the scope to be.
  • Price – This is always going to be important even if you do not initially think that it will be. You can set a budget ahead of time. Once you already know the budget, you can look at the different rifle scopes that are within that price range.
  • Other Additional Features – Some rifle scopes will come with LED screens. This will help you control the rifle scope better. If you think that this is necessary, find one that has this feature. If not, then you can go look at the standard scopes that are available.

What to Choose?

There are three types of night vision scopes. One scope is powered by infrared. Some will come with their infrared light so that the surroundings will be visible. The second scope is thermal-powered. It will rely on body heat so that living things will be visible even in the dark. The third scope is a mixture of the two. It is the most expensive type of scope that you can get.


The things that you want in a rifle scope may not be the same as what others want. You can check out reviews and see forums. Yet, learning all of the details does not guarantee that you will be able to pick the right one immediately. Do enough research and you have a higher chance of making the best choice.

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